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Diorama accessories

All plaster products can also be casted in resin.

In that case 20% will be added to the original price shown above.




NEW! DD113 Dock pilings
1:35 - RESIN

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Parts: 3

Sizes: 8 + 7 + 6 cm.


NEW! DD219 Ukranian Orthodox road side shrine 1:35 - RESIN

Usable in an historic setting as well as in a modern diorama. 

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Parts: 10 - 5 Resin, 1 Laser cut  fence, 1 Laser cut cross, Flowers, 1 Icon print, 1 Cross, and a cross attachment pin (plastic).

Sizes (approx.): height: 16 cm - width: 7,2 cm - depth: 4,8cm


NEW! DioDump DD220 German Einmannbunker 1:35 - RESIN

This Einmannbunker, or one-man bunker, is an individual shelter for one or two people.

They were developed in a wide variety of designs and placed at German strategic points or locations of importance during WW2.

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Parts: 1 - no interior

Sizes (approx.): height: 74 mm - base: 46mm x 46mm


NEW! DioDump DD152 Modern
anti-tank pyramid blocks 1:35 
12 pcs - PLASTER

Material: Plaster (unpainted)

Parts: 12

Sizes (approx.): height: 27 mm - base: 24mm x 24mm


NEW! DioDump DD212 Industrial chimney ruin 1:35 - RESIN
A very nice eyecatcher for your industrial / factory  battlefield diorama. Make sure to add lots of brick rubble (DD127) to create a realistic and spectacular scene.

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Parts: 3

Sizes (approx.): height: 17,3 cm - length: 7,2cm - width: 7,2cm


NEW! DioDump DD210 Fire wood shed 1:35 - RESIN
A nice addition to any rural building.

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Parts: 1

Sizes (approx.): height: 7cm - width: 6cm - depth: 2cm


NEW! DioDump DD208 Old town water pump 1:35 - RESIN
A water pump was as common sight on many (European) town squares. This highly detailed scale model will be a great addition to any urban diorama or vignette.

Material: Resin + copper wire 

Parts: 6

Sizes (approx.): height: 16cm - width: 3cm - depth: 5cm

Unpainted and unassembled


NEW! DioDump DD207 Ukrainian village sign 1:35 - RESIN
This model is a replica of the sign at the edge of the village Shevchenkove ( Шевченково) in the Kharkov region.
It was originally painted in the Ukrainian flag colours (blue / yellow). After the Russian invasion early 2022 it was repainted in the Russian flag colours (white / blue / red). When Ukraine launched a counter offensive in September 2022 it then again was brought back to its original colour scheme.

Material: Resin

Sizes (approx.): height: 17cm - length: 16cm - depth: 9cm

Unpainted and unassembled

Instructions included


DioDump DD161 Logs -

8 pcs - RESIN

These logs can be used as side armour on tanks, unditching logs or as a buiding material for fortifications etc.

Size varies from 9 - 10cm.

Material: Resin (unpainted)

Basically scale 1:35 but also suitable for other scales.


DioDump DD199 Saint Anthony statue - 1:35 scale RESIN

Size including base approx.: 8,7cm.

Unpainted and unassembled.


DioDump DD191 Wooden guard tower - 1:35 scale - BALSA WOOD

This will be a fun build since it is a construction from real wood.

Detailed instructions included.

Material: Balsa wood

Parts: 84 (+ corrugated aluminium roof)

Sizes (approx.): height: 20cm - width: 6,5 cm - depth: 6,5cm 

Unpainted and unassembled


DioDump DD190 Middle East check point - 1:35 scale - RESIN

This multi-media kit contains one solid resin piece, balsa wood, corrugated aluminium sheets, a plaster road block and a small bag of desert stones.

Size (approx.) 12,5 x 12,5 x 6,5cm


DioDump DD181 HESCO barriers - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Kit contains 5 unpainted resin parts.

Size per piece (approx.) 30 x 30 x 30 mm


DioDump DD182 Wooden crates - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Kit contains 16 (8 x 2) unpainted resin parts.


DioDump DD179 Sandbag defences - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Kit contains 3 unpainted resin parts.


DioDump DD178 

Sidewalk set

1:35 scale - RESIN

Kit contains 4 unpainted resin parts.

Size (approx.):

2 pieces straight: 15,2 x 4 cm

2 pieces corner: 4 x 4 cm


DioDump DD175 Vintage advertising column - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Typical French city advertising column or kiosk dating back to the 1800's. But it can also be used in in other European city scenes.

Kit contains 2 resin parts, unassembled and unpainted.

Height (approx.) 12 cm

INCLUDING French poster set!


DioDump DD162 Water well - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Nice little authentic water well, usable in almost any setting. Highly detailed.

Material: resin (9 parts) and a piece of rope.

Unassembled and unpainted.

Size (approx.) Height 73mm, width 50mm


DioDump DD165 French WW1 memorial - 1:35 scale - RESIN


The obelisk shaped World War 1 memorial can be found in many French villages.

This highly detailed scale model includes a French fleur-de-lis, a typical French Christian symbol and a 1914-1918 plaquette. An original eye-catcher to your World War 2 or modern diorama or vignette.

Scale: 1:35

Material: resin

Unpainted and unassembled


The kit includes:

- Obelisk (11cm)

- A square tiled base (8cm x 8cm)

- Planter

- Flowers

- 4 Bollards

- Metal chain


DioDump DD158 Stalin bust on base - 1:35 scale - RESIN / PLASTER

If you are creating a WW2 Eastern front urban diorama or vignette, this might be interesting...

This very well resembling Stalin buste comes on a highly detailed base / pedestal. You can choose to paint the bust either bronze or stone.

Also included is a small printed Cyrillic name plate (Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin).

- Unpainted and unassembled.

- Material: Plaster base, resin buste

- Height: 13cm.

- ls suitable for scale 1:35 / 54mm.

- Figure is for example/scale purpose only and NOT included.


DioDump DD009 Street light set 1:35 scale - RESIN / PLASTIC

This set contains 2 vintage street lights. Perfect for any urban (WW2) diorama.

- 1 Resin post 

- 2 Plastic lanterns with white 'glass'

- 2 Plastic handle bars (optional use)

- 2 Laser cut cardboard brackets


Height post + lantern: 12,6cm (9,5cm + 3,1cm)


Unassembled and unpainted.


DioDump DD007 Bollard set 1:35 scale - RESIN

5 Resinvintage & modern pieces.

High quality casting.

Suitable for any urban diorama or figure vignette.

No assembly needed.



DioDump DD154 Industrial fuel

tank 1:35 scale - RESIN

Great item for any 'industrial' themed diorama.

This gas / fuel tank is a sharp 'one-piece' cast from

high quality grey resin.


Also included are 3 'Enamel' No smoking signs.

Unpainted, no assebly needed.

Size approx: height: 50mm - length: 100mm -

width: 44mm.

Suitable for scale 1:32 / 54mm.


Cargo supplies - 1:35 scale - RESIN

DioDump DD146-A Cargo supplies #1

The kit includes: Tires / Gas bottles / Oil drums /Jerry cans / Sacks or bags


DioDump DD146-B Cargo supplies #2

The kit includes: Logs/ Large wooden crate / Small wooden crates /Cardboard boxes / Bricks


DioDump DD146-C Cargo supplies VALUE PACK (set #1 + set #2)



DioDump DD145 German WW2 insignia - 1/1 scale - RESIN

These highly detailed replica's of authentic German insignia will make a great decoration for your diorama, display or figure base. Sizes: Panzer badge: 59 x 40mm - Iron cross: 41 x 41mm. Material: Resin (grey - unpainted).




DioDump DD140 Wooden fence - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Old wooden picket fence, detailed on both sides. 5 Resin parts incl. a small sheet of Polish WW2 posters. (If you need other WW2 posters see Diorama prints section). Size approx. 20,4cm x 7cm. Unpainted and unassembled. Base and figure are not included.



DioDump DD137 Metal chain

Miniature chain. Colour: antracite (semi-gloss) Fine flat chain links approx. 2,5mm long, 1.5mm wide, 0.5mm thick.

Length approx.: 95cm. Suitable for various scales. You can use 'Blacken-it' or a similar product for worn and matt effects.




DioDump DD060 Small chicken coop - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Highly detailed hen house for 1:35 scale (World War 2) diorama or vignette. The kit consists of 7 high quality resin casted parts and 2 aluminium corrugated roofing sheets. Height approximately 6cm. Unpainted and unassembled. Figure is for scale / example purpose only and NOT included. If you are looking for a larger chicken coop, check out DioDump DD115



DioDump DD131 Mary statue - 1:35 scale - RESIN

This authentic Mary statue will make a great addition to your urban (World War 2) diorama or vignette. 2 Highly detailed, unpainted light grey resin parts. Realistic stone 'look and feel'. Height incl. pedestal: 88mm

Also suitable for other scales! Military figure, vehicle and scenery are for example and reference only and not included. Packed in a protective blister.



DioDump DD130 Panzersperre / Anti-tank barricade - 1:35 scale - RESIN

These improvised anti-tank barriers were often constructed by German civilians,

in order to stop or at least slow down the Allied advance into German towns during the final months of World War 2.

They were built from a great variation of heavy debris. Often a log or steel bar casing filled with brick rubble.

Due to the variation on all for sides multiple barriers can be used if desired.


High quality 'one piece' resin cast. Unpainted. Size l x w x h: approx: 140mm x 48mm x 55mm

Figure is for example/scale purpose only and NOT included.



DioDump DD120 Buddha jungle statue 1:48 - 1:35 scale - PLASTER

Get inspired by the latest DioDump creation! This authentic and highly detailed Buddha statue will look great in any Vietnam or jungle diorama. Sharp quality cast in hard plaster.  Including a small bag of 'moss' flocking material.

Suitable for scales 1: 48 to 1:35. Sizes approx.: height 100mm, width 120mm, depth 40mm

Figure and scenery are for example / scale purpose only and not included. Unpainted. No assembly required.



DioDump DD119 Vintage 3D facade signs - 1:35 scale - RESIN

24 Signs, numbers and ornaments for German, French, Belgian and Dutch buildings. Great for your World War 2 European theatre diorama. The 3D experience creates a more realistic accessory than the standard printed signs.

Material: resin UNPAINTED. Size: approx A5 

Tip: Use a small paint roller with black paint and very gently roll across the sheet. This will enhance the contrast of the raised types and ornaments, making it easier to paint. Once cut out, you can make the sign thinner by sliding the back over sand paper.



DioDump DD116-A Old tile roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.


DioDump DD116-B Old shingle roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.



DioDump DD116-C Old tin roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.



DioDump DD116-D Italian roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.



NEW! DioDump DD116-E Diamond slate roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.



NEW! DioDump DD116-F Stone slate roof - 1:35 scale - RESIN

3 Highly detailled resin parts. 2 Sides (approx. 16 x 10cm each)  and ridge.

Unpainted and unassembled.



DioDump DD118 Lenin memorial - 1:35 scale - RESIN

This Lenin memorial will be a nice eyecatcher in your urban WW2 Russian diorama. But it also would make a great figure base.

3 Highly detailled resin parts including a small strip of flowers. Flat, undetailled backside. Unpainted and unassembled. 

Sizes: Height 13,4 cm - Width 8,7cm - Depth 4cm


DioDump DD090 Roadside crucifix - 1:35 scale - RESIN
This authentic roadside cross will be a nice addition to any diorama or vignette. They can be found in both urban as rural scenes.
Sharply casted in high quality resin including a plaster base. Height approx.: 90mm, width: 40mm. Packed in a protective blister.


DioDump DD038 Weathered wooden planks - BALSA WOOD

Weathered balsa wood. Perfect for constructing doors, shutters, fences, roofs, stowage debris etc. Cut to size with a sharp hobby knife or scissors or just break in half. 50 Pieces approx. 90mm x 5mm x 1mm. Glue with PVA / white / wood glue.


DioDump DD023 Blast walls (3 pieces) - 1:35 scale - PLASTER

Give your Middle East theatre diorama or vignette the eye catcher it deserves! These blast walls from DioDump are accurate in size and high in quality. The concrete look and feel will certainly add to the realism.

The 3 pieces are unpainted. Individual size: height: 10,5cm, width: 4,8cm, depth: 3,7cm. Sharply casted in light grey plaster.

The Hummer and figure are for example and scale purpose only and NOT included!

€ 12,95


DioDump DD071-A

Iron fence (design A)

1:35 scale


€ 6,95

DioDump DD071-B

Iron fence (design B)

1:35 scale


€ 6,95

DioDump DD071-C

Iron fence (design C)


€ 6,95

This wrought iron fence section is versatile in use. Not only can it be moduled in various shapes and lengths but it's  building style makes it suitable for multiple theatres. The kit contain 2 highly detailed ABS (hard plastic) fences and 3 connecting plaster pillars.

Sizes approx.: length: 167mm, height: 38mm. Unassembled and unpainted.

DioDump DD085 Modern wire fence - 1:35 scale

This modern wire fence will make a great addition to your 'modern' urban war or civil diorama. Construction takes some skill and patience but with the help of the detailed instructions you should be ok. The kit includes:- synthetic mesh - photo etch barbed wire - plastic rods - iron wire- printed signs. Approximate sizes: length: 162mm, height: 60 - 70mm. Unbuild and unpainted.Figure and base are for scale purpose / example only and NOT included.

€ 8,95

DioDump DD072 Eastern front tank turret bunker - 1:35 scale - RESIN / PLASTER

This nice little set represents an authentic tank turret fortification. These were used on all (WW2) fronts, turning obsolete tank turrets into defensive emplacements. The Vickers Mark E type B was in both Polish and Soviet service during the late 1930´s and captured vehicles were also used by the Germans as ´Beutepanzer´. Since it´s lack of firepower it was often used as a tank turret fortification.

The kit contains 2 parts: a highly detailed resin turret and a ceramic plaster fortification including a back door for the crew.

Sizes approx.: length: 80mm (bunker), width: 53mm, height: 34mm

€ 9,95

DioDump DD059 North African / Mediterranean well - 1:35 scale - RESIN

Authentic, highly detailed North African / Mediterranean well. Ideal for a (military) diorama or vignette in scale 1:35 or 1:32.

The kit contains: 6 Resin  parts, 2 wooden parts,  1 piece of rope, 1 metal hook.

€ 14,95

DioDump DD044 Greek Roman Ionic columns (3 pieces) - 1:35 scale - PLASTER

This kit contains 3 big columns that would look great in any (World War 2) North African / Mediterranean diorama. Each column stands 18 cm tall and has 3 separate parts: a shaft, a capital and a base. Sharply casted in high quality ceramic plaster.

They can be build into complete columns or you can break them in parts and create ruined columns. Scale 1:35 and 1:48.

€ 17,95

DioDump DD031 Jersey barrier roadblocks (4 pcs) - 1:35 scale


These 4 ´Jersey´ barrier concrete roadblocks will

look great in any modern (military) diorama.

The barriers are unpainted need no assembly.

Sharply casted in light grey ceramic plaster.

€ 5,95




DioDump DD042 Lever Well (Eastern Europe) 1:35 scale

This ´Shadoof´ originates from Northern Africa, but it is till this day a common sight in Eastern European countries.

Perfect for your (world war 2) Eastern front diorama or vignette.

The highly detailed kit contains: - Real wooden lever and counterweight- Metal hooks - Resin bucket - Plaster well - Small piece of rope. Easy assembly with instructions. The item is unassembled and unpainted. Sizes: Length: 19cm, depth: 5cm, height: 15cm.

Figure and grass are is for scale and example reference only and not included.

€ 14,95

DioDump DD014 Dragon teeth - 12 pieces - 1:35 scale - PLASTER      

These typical reinforced concrete fortifications (Drachenzähne) were erected by the Germans to protect the Third Reich against heavy enemy armour. Sharply casted in grey plaster. Note the wooden planks imprint from the form and the concrete surface. Items are unpainted. No assembly needed.

€ 10,95


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All plaster products can also be casted in resin. In that case 20% will be added to the original price shown above.

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