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Diorama laser cut items




NEW DioDump DD200 Manhole and drain covers 1:35 scale

Even a simple street can use some nice details. This set contains 6 detailed manhole covers and 7 draincovers.

Material: laser cut wood.


DioDump DD139 Guard post 1:35 scale

This authentic checkpoint can be used for a (World War 2) military diorama or figure vignette.


The complete set consists of a laser cut wooden guard house, a checkpoint barrier made from resin and wood including German 'Stop' signs.


Instructions included.

Guard house height: 7cm

Barrier length: 13-14cm

Unpainted and unassembled.

Figure is for example / scale purpose only and NOT included.


DioDump DD156 Wooden pallets 6 pieces - 1:35 scale

Laser cut wooden (2-way entry) pallets.

Total 6 pieces in 2 different sizes.

INCLUDING a fitting mold for easy assembly.

Pallets were developed in the 1930's and effectively used by Allied logistics during WW2. 

Since then pallets have been irreplacable when it comes to handling and storage of goods.

These highly detailed pallets will definitely add detail and realism for your WW2 or modern diorama.


Sizes finished product (approx.):

Pallet #1: Height: 5mm / Length: 35mm / Width: 35mm

Pallet #2: Height: 5mm / Length: 30mm / Width: 35mm


Assembly with white (wood) glue / PVA.

Unassembled and unpainted.


DioDump DD147 German

crates 1:35 scale


Highly detailed German WW2 wooden crates.

7 Pieces in 3 sizes.

The set has enough reinforced bars to create

your own design.

Assembly with white (wood) glue / PVA.

Unassembled and unpainted.

Sheet size: 11cm x 17cm.

Also usable for scale 1:48.

DioDump DD017 Vintage

outhouse 1:35 scale

Highly detailed vintage wooden outhouse.

A great eyecatcher for any WW2 or earlier diorama or

figure vignette.

INCLUDING INTERIOR and 2 cardboard hinges.


Sizes finished product (approx.) Height: 64mm,

width: 31mm, depth: 31mm. Thickness wood: 0,8mm.

Assembly with white (wood) glue / PVA.


Unassembled and unpainted.

Instructions included.


NEW! DioDump DD153

Concrete screen blocks

1:35 scale

50 Pieces.

Authentic laser cut wooden blocks.

Perfect for constructing realistic and original

(modern / Middle East) walls / screens or used as

seperate diorama items.

Content: 50 pieces / screen size approx.

86mm x 43mm or variants.

Block size: 8,5mm x 8,5mm. Thick: 3mm

The blocks are unpainted and packed in a

protective and handy blister.


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