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Reality In Scale 35168

Small Food Cans with Labels

Set contains 16 resin cans and 16 decals for the labels (8 French, 4 German and 4 English labels). Resin, scale 1:35

From €10,95 

Now €7,95


Reality In Scale 35171

Mini Statues Set

Set contains 6 statues and 4 pedestals.

Talest statue is 2cm, shortest is 1cm.

Resin, suitable for all scales.

From €10,95 

Now €7,95


Reality In Scale 35153

Farm Well

Contains 2 resin parts, fishing wire and tubing.

Well measures 3,8x2,5x4,3cm (WxDxH).

Resin, scale 1:35

From €8,95 

Now €5,95 


Reality In Scale 35200

Casualties of War Set


Contains 3 pieces and 2 real cotton flags - 2 Germans & 1 Civilian

Resin, 1:35 scale.

From €24,95 

Now €12,95 

Reality In Scale 35140

Wall Mounting Street Lamps - 2 pcs.

Kit contains 2 resin parts, 10 laser cut parts, 2 clear resin light bulbs, 8 pre marked glazing parts.

Scale 1:35

From €9,95 

Now €6,95 


Reality In Scale 35246

Common German Boxes - 10 pcs.

Includes 16 Archer decals.

Resin, 1:35 scale.

From €11,95 

Now €7,95


Reality In Scale 35242

German 75mm Long Ammo Boxes with decals

This set contains 2 different types of ammunition boxes used during WWII for the 7,5cm tank guns. Dimensions are taken from original boxes and are accurate replicas in 1/35 scale. Both variants were used for the long barelled 7,5cm KwK gun as found on late StuG's, late Panzer IV's and other vehicles with the long 7,5cm gun like SdKfz. 251, 234, Marder etc. The boxes can be used for diorama purposes, for vehicle loads or in conjunction with figures.  

From €11,95 

Now €7,95

Reality In Scale 35177

Super Sidewalk Set

Contains 3 straight sidewalk pieces of 14 x 6,5cm, 2 outside corners of 6,5 x 6,5cm and 1 inside corner measuring 10 x 9cm.

Resin, scale 1:35

From €17,95 

Now €10,95


Reality In Scale 35234

Business signs ON REAL WOOD The Netherlands

Set contains 18 single business signs and 2 double signs (to be attached to the brackets) printed in high quality on real wooden sheet.

2 Laser cut brackets in 2 different designs included

Scale 1:35

From €8,95 

Now €4,95 (2 available)


Reality In Scale 35224

Cats & Dogs

Set contains 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Resin, scale 1:35

From €10,95 

Now €6,95


Reality In Scale 35035

Old Cobblestone Road, large stones

-Road section measures approx. 22x14cm

-Nicely detailed stones and sewer grate

-Scale 1/35

-Made of high quality resin

From €10,95 

Now 6,95


Reality In Scale 35250

Large factory facade

-kit contains 7 resin parts, milky window sheet and 1 full colour decal

-factory measures 10,5 x 28,5cm; base measures 10,5 x 15cm

-scale 1/35 - 54mm

From €29,95 

Now €15,95


Reality In Scale 35135

Fachwerk Chapel

-Contains 9 highly detailed resin pieces

-Includes laser cut cardboard windows, window decorations and iron gate, decals, flowers, clear window sheet, instructions and full colour reference pictures.

-Kit measures 6x6x10cm (WxDxH)

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

From €22,95 

Now €15,95


Reality In Scale 35219

Lying Cow with Calf

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

From €17,95 

Now €9,95


Reality In Scale 35160

The Old Harbour

-Kit contains 18 resin parts

-A set of posters, fine rope, brass detail parts, a large sheet of styrofoam (blue foam) and instructions are included

-Finished harbour measures 29x28x11cm (WxDxH)

From €49,95

Now €39,95


DioDump DD013-S

Italian house ruin 'Catania' 1:35 


The ruined house is fixed on a base with dry dirt and dry bushes.

Back side is unpainted.

Material: plaster

Sizes model approx.: height 26 cm, width 14 cm, depth 14 cm .

Sizes basel approx.: width 17 cm, depth 17 cm .



Juweela 23288

Maize (corn) plants

50 Pieces, soft green plastic.

Scale 1:32 / 1:35

Available: 4

From €11,95

Now €5,95


Juweela 23254

Tank barricades

9 Pieces, ceramic plaster


From €9,95

Now €4,95