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Diorama materials


NEW! DioDump DD211 Wooden sticks

Great for crafting or scratch building in various scales. One set contains approx. 50 (real) wooden sticks.

Thickness varies from 2-5mm. Length approx. 95mm

€ 6,95


NEW! DioDump DD205 Rust pigments

These weathering pigments are perfect for adding a realistic touch to your model or diorama.  

Easy to use, instructions included. Set contains 4 cups, content approx. 30 ml.

€ 12,95

NEW! DioDump DD198 Coal 1:35 scale

Very fine rubber granulate. Realistic shape, size, colour and shine. Bag contains approx. 25 grams.

€ 4,95

NEW! DioDump DD188 Camouflage nets 1:35 scale

 Two realistic camouflage nets. One green and one tan colour. Size per net approx.: 20 x 20 cm. Instructions included.

€ 8,95

DioDump DD177 Curtains

1:35 scale

Update Oct. 2022:

Double sided print + 1 additional design!

Decorate your scale model building with these vintage curtains. 6 Designs, 3 pieces each.

Material: corrugated paper.

High quality double-sided prints.

Size approx. 55mm x 35mm

Packed in a protective blister.

€ 6,95

DioDump DD127 Brick rubble 1:35 scale

This is a realistic mix of broken and complete bricks often with cement remains. Perfect for debris piles or scattered rubble. Content: approximately 350 pieces / 25 grams

Brick size l x w x h: 7,5mm x 4mm x 2mm

Material: plaster. Colour: light red / grey

€ 6,95

DioDump DD126 Bricks

1:35 scale

Perfect for constructing realistic walls or as a diorama scenery. Content: approximately 400 pices / 25 grams

Brick size l x w x h: 7,5mm x 4mm x 2mm

Material: plaster. Colour: light red

€ 5,95

DioDump DD022Black          aluminium foil

Ultra thin: 0,05mm! Perfect for making tarps, weapon slings, belts, straps etc. Due to the double sided, pre-primed mat black surface, it is easy to paint. Cut to size with a sharp hobby knife or scissors. Glue with CA / Super Glue. Non toxic. The set contains 1 sheets of approx.

9cm x 14cm.

€ 2,95

DioDump DD040 Urban debris         

This is probably the easiest and most realistic way to create debris or rubble in your urban diorama.

The content has about 60 - 70gr of 11 different well balanced materials like:

- Complete and broken bricks with and without mortar rests (main ingredient) - Wooden planks and beams

- Iron-bars - Iron wire - Small pieces of glass- Mortar -

Brick dust - Plaster pieces - Ballast - Broken roof tiles - Corrugated aluminium.

Put together to a very versatile and convincing mix of debris / rubble in scale 1:35 (or 1:32).

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: depending on the order the Urban Debris will be packed in a plastic cup OR in a plastic bag.

€ 9,95

DioDump DD058 Corrugated Aluminium sheets 8 pieces 1:48 - 1:35 scale

This is the real deal! These 0,15 mm thick aluminium sheets are usable in almost any diorama or vignette. Roofing, barricades, shelters... you name it. Tough but still easy to bend or to cut to your convenience. Sheet size approx. 3,5 x 6,2 cm, 8 pcs.
Please note that some sheets have minor dents due the production process. This can easily be corrected since the aluminium is flexible.
€ 5,95

DioDump Aluminium sheets


2 Sheets approx. High quality aluminium (Al 99,5). Great for scratch building.
Create schürtzen, toolboxes, fenders, oil barrels, building accessories etc.
Easy to cut with a sharp knife. Bond with CA or solder. 

DD144-A 2 x Aluminium sheets

SMALL (8cm x 13cm) 0,1mm + 0,2mm thick

€ 3,95

DD144-B 2 x Aluminium sheets

LARGE (13cm x 25cm) 0,1mm + 0,2mm thick

€ 8,95

DioDump Blue Styrofoam

By far the best basic material for scratch building your own diorama architecture. From a simple wall section to a detailed building. The (extra) thick sheets can also be used as a base for groundwork. This versatile material is light weight, sturdy, has a high density and is easy to work with.


Cutting: sharp hobby knife

Gluing: (transparent) hobby glue

Prime: brushed on acrylic paint

Paint: acrylics

When the surface has been primed and protected you can also gently use enamel colours of oil colours.

All sheets measure approx. 15cm x 30cm

DD047-A: 1+2+3mm: € 6,95 

DD047-B: 4+5+6mm: € 8,95 

DD047-C 8+10mm: € 8,95  

DD047-D 12mm: € 4,95

DD047-E 15mm: €5,95 


DD047-F Clear Glue for styrofoam: € 4,95

DD047-G Primer for styrofoam: € 4,95

DD047-H Gap filler / Stucco for styrofoam: €4,95

DD047-I VALUE PACK Glue + Primer + Stucco: €12,95


Need thicker pieces? Click here!

DioDump DD006 Chicken wire - 1:35 scale

Very fine synthetic mesh. Chicken wire / hexagonal shaped. Chicken wire was used by both axis and allies as an aid to apply camouflage vegetation to vehicles and helmets. So update your tank to an original masterpiece with the DioDump chicken wire! The set contains 2 sheets of 8cm x 13cm.  

€ 2,95

DioDump DD039 Lead foil 0,35mm 

This thin lead foil is excellent for making your own tarpaulins, straps, belts, flags, fenders etc.

Cut to the desired size with a sharp hobby knife or a pair of scissors. A very usefull and versatile modelling product that always comes in hand. 1 Sheet is approx. 9cm x 14cm and is 0,35 mm thick. Slightly sand before gluing down with CA.


Warning: Lead is toxic. Always wash your hands after handling and don´t  keep food or drink in the working area. Keep away from children.

€ 3,95



DioDump DD048 Plastic card 4 sheets: 0,3mm + 0,5mm + 0,75mm + 1mm.

Set of 4 sheets polystyrol plastic card. Comparable with ´Evergreen´. The ideal basematerial for scrattch building. Each sheet measures approx. 16cm x 24cm.

€ 6,95



DioDump DD008 Corrugated Cardboard Sheets 1:35 scale

This corrugated cardboard is excellent for making roofs, shelters, barriers etc. etc. The dark grey cardboard is corrugated on the top side and reinforced with flat cardboard on the down side.

Set contains 2 large sheets of approx. 14cm x 24cm. (new, bigger size!).

€ 4,95



DioDump DD054 Aluminium woven wire - 1 sheet approx.: 13 x 15cm

Flexible aluminium woven wire mesh. Mesh size approx. 1,5mm x 1,5mm. Ideal to create schürtzen for (1:35 scale) tanks, ventilation covers, fences etc. Cut to size with sharp scissors. Glue with CA / Super glue.




DioDump DD050 Cork sheet set

1mm + 2mm + 3mm

Cork is more and more used as a scratch building material by diorama builders. The natural structure creates an instant realistic look for (old) brick walls. It is versatile, tough and easy to work with.

Just look at the examples and let your imagination run free. Set contains 3 sheets: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. Each sheet measures approx. 15cm x 23 cm.

€ 4,95



DioDump DD032 Balsa Wood

sheet set 1mm + 1,5mm + 2mm + 3mm

(new sizes since May 2024)


With this versatile material you can easily create your own miniature wooden (look) diorama accessories. The natural wood grain creates a very natural and realistic wooden look. Check out the examples in the pictures!


Cut to size with a sharp hobby knife. Add more grain by using a fine steel wire brush. Use a hard pin for engraving grooves or nail holes. Glue with white PVA. Paint with acrylics or oils. Priming is optional.

The set contains 4 sheets of 10cm x 20cm.

Thicknesses: 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 3mm

€ 5,95 




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