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Diorama buildings 1:35 scale


NEW! DioDump DD160 Dutch city house - 1:35 scale 

The authentic architecture of this Dutch city house dates from the early 1800's and has a typical Dutch 'bell facade'. Lots of these houses are still standing today. So wether your subject is historical or modern, you can never go wrong.


The kit includes:  10 Highly detailled resin parts / 'Lace' curtains / 'Glass' windows on clear plastic sheet / Dutch street name signs and house numbers / Sidewalk section with bollard.

Unpainted and unassembled.

Material: resin.

Measurements (approx.): House: height: 27,5cm - width: 14cm - depth: 3-6cm.

Sidewalk: length: 17cm - width: 6 - 9.5cm.

Price: €37,95

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You will receive an invoice within 24 hrs (business days). 

NEW! DioDump DD150 Vietnamese stilt hut - 1:35 scale 

Typical Vietnamese or Soth East Asian)stilt hut.

The kit includes : 13 Highly detailled resin parts / 3 Plastic bamboo plants / Baboo stems

(for construction) / Binding rope.


Unpainted and unassembled.

Material: resin.

Measurements (approx.): height: 16cm - width: 13cm - depth: 9cm.

Price: €29,95

Diorama bases 1:35 scale

NEW! DioDump DD070-A Fan pattern street (large) 1:35 scale 

Highly detailed cobblestone street section with gutter and sidewalk. The pavement is wide enough (4,5-5cm) to place a wall or building facade at your desire. A realistic base for your WW2 military or modern civil diorama. If you need a wider base 2 sections can be joined faily easy.

Unpainted, no assembly required.

Material: resin.

Measurements (approx.): 30,4cm x 20cm.

Price: €20,95

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